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Proactive and integrated communications
Proactive and integrated communications

The guiding principle of the Triglav Group is comprehensive and active communication with all of its stakeholders. The focus is on fair and balanced two-way communication in order to ensure responsible dialogue with the environment.


The Triglav Group endeavours to answer questions from the media in a professional, precise and timely fashion. To this end, data are acquired from specialised departments of the Triglav Group. The time required to collect this information depends on the complexity of the question and the availability of the experts. Therefore journalists are kindly requested to take into account that their questions will be answered after 24 hours from the receipt of the question at the earliest (or the following working day in the case of bank holidays or non-working days) and within seven working days at the latest.

Latest news

Triglav Lab’s interiors and branding strategy have yet again won over the German jury

The German Brand Institute announced the winners of the prestigious German Brand Awards 2020, which are awarded to creatives for excellence in brand strategy and creation by an independent jury of industry professionals. Triglav Lab won the award in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication - Architecture and Buildings. More

Are Cyclists Really the Least Careful Road Users?

For several years now, Zavarovalnica Triglav has been monitoring and adapting to consumer mobility trends, so it can better predict future risks and potentially adapt its products, such as e-scooter insurance, which it is the only insurance company in Slovenia to offer. Therefore, the company conducted a survey on how users of different mobility options coexist in shared (urban) areas used by pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders and rollerbladers, how they perceive each other and what the most dangerous situations are. More

Accumulated profit for 2019 remain undistributed

At today’s 45th General Meeting of Shareholders of Zavarovalnica Triglav, the shareholders adopted the resolution proposed by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board that accumulated profit for 2019 remain undistributed. Andrej Slapar, President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav, said: “I thank the shareholders for their trust. When deciding on the distribution of accumulated profit for 2019, both regulator’s calls and the aspect of maintaining Triglav Group’s financial stability in the current uncertain situation were taken into account. The accumulated profit for 2019 thus remains undistributed and will be allocated for future dividend payments or for other purposes in accordance with the respective resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders.” More