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Zavarovalnica Triglav has a full family-friendly company certificate

Zavarovalnica Triglav has held a Family-Friendly Company Certificate (DPP), which is awarded by Inštitut Ekvilib, since December 2012. After obtaining the basic and then the full certificate, the company received an award for retaining it at the beginning of 2019. A large number of measures are available to employees enabling them to achieve a work-life balance more easily. Every generation of employees can find something to suit them from the set of measures available.

Here at Triglav we are proud to be one of the many companies that recognise the importance of treating staff with due care and attention, and to help make it easier for different generations of employees to balance their working and private lives to their own satisfaction. Obtaining and retaining the full certificate is proof of the consideration that we aim to bring to all our employees and their families. Since obtaining the basic certificate, we have introduced a number of instances of good practice; these have been acknowledged as such by the assessors at Inštitut Ekvilib.


Our efforts to follow the best will continue into this new “full certificate” period.


Selected measures:

  1. Communication with employees
  2. Communication with the general public
  3. Employee surveys
  4. Management training
  5. Flexible working hours
  6. Grants and benefits for children of deceased Triglav employees
  7. Employment after 55 (in preparation)
  8. Time bonuses
  9. Part-time employment for reasons of family obligations
  10. Children’s time bonuses
  11. Extra days of special leave 
  12. Work-life balance group – contact: dpp@triglav.si 
  13. Reintegration after a longer period of absence
  14. New Year gifts for children
  15. Recognition of the birth of an employee’s child
  16. E-card for employees on their birthday
  17. Day care for the children of employees during school holidays 


The DPP Certificate is awarded by Inštitut Ekvilib, which is responsible for the certification procedure, and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

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